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Cavite Nightlife

What does the first thing come in your brain when you think about Cavite nightlife? I am sure that you would think about sexy girls, sex, dance, and meeting with local girls, drinking in bars and dancing in the nightclubs of the Dasmarinas Cavite etc. But in reality finding a night club in Cavite to enjoy the nightlife in Cavite is a bit hard. Why? There are no independent bars and nightclubs in Cavite. All the bars and nightclubs are actually can be found within the hotel. This is actually great news for those, who do not want to pay bar fine or fee for the lady drinks.

The hotels with bars are great choice to enjoy the nightlife in Cavite. They prices of drinks in such type of bars are very cheap as compare to independent bars while the hotel sometime offers discount and even free drinks to their guests. The people of Cavite visit to such type of bars to enjoy Cavite nightlife. So, meeting with a local girl is not difficult in this beautiful city which is full of sexy and cute girls. Yes, you have to be good in meeting with new people for this purpose.

Many people visit Cavite for the sex tourism purpose. While there are very limited nightclubs and bars, but still many people prefer to visit there because finding sex workers, prostitutes, escort companies and meeting with local girls are relatively easy there.

Cavite Nightlife
Cavite Nightlife

In other popular provinces of the Philippines where sex tourism is popular and where there are so many go-go clubs, strip clubs, and even sex clubs, you can get in trouble easily. They charge you very high while promoting their shows as a free show. But this does not happen in Cavite. The nightlife in Cavite is quite sophisticated. Even the girls who worked as professional sex workers and escort companies keep it simple for the tourists to make their night memorable.

So, if you are already landed in any part of the Cavite, then try to find a hotel with bar, swimming pool and even with a nightclub. These types of hotels may charge you bit extra but in return, you do not need to explore the city to enjoy the nightlife. Or if you are looking for the independent bars and nightclubs then you have to travel a bit from Cavite City or Dasmarinas Cavite to nearby cities like Imus Cavite where there are dozens of bars and nightclubs.

The Imus is not much far from the Cavite City. It is only 16 KM away and you can reach there within 15 -20 minutes in a taxi or other local transport who charge very low prices for this. Some of the popular bars in this area to enjoy the nightlife in Cavite are:

Cavite Nightlife
Cavite Nightlife

Assignment Bar & Resto

This is a multipurpose bar where you cannot only enjoy different drinks but you can also order the food. The bar usually has locals at night that came to enjoy food, live music, and dance. Finding a girl in the bar is not difficult. Approach the girls, who are sitting alone on the table, they will turn quickly if they are interested in you.

D Grace KTV

This is a nice place to spend your evening, enjoy food and drinks. The decoration of this bar is really nice and impressive. The dark light makes a perfect environment to make any girl ready for the date. This restaurant cum bar also offers live music and many options in the drinks.

Men’s Bar & Grill

If you want to enjoy fresh BBQ food, dance, live performance and drinks then you must visit the Men’s Bar & Grill where you can found all of these things at one place. This is also one of the biggest bars in the town with good dance floor and place for the live performance by the local artists.

Cavite Nightlife
Cavite Nightlife

Haruda Resto Bar

This is another nice bar to enjoy your nightlife in Cavite. This bar also has a great food and verity of drinks to offer to the guests. No music or dance place is available there but you can make new friends there easily. Their prices are very cheap. Many professional sex workers can be found around this bar even in day time.

Mix Mix KTV Bar

It is a small but a good quality bar of the town. Due to the lack of space, it is actually quite easy there to make friends. Approach the single and alone girls there for the date and offer them free drinks.

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